The Decision

Like Nephi of The Book of Mormon, I too was born of goodly parents.  My father is a 4th generation Utah Mormon, and my mother a 3rd, although not from Utah.  They have been devoted, active members of the church.  Though elderly now, they continue to serve in church callings and work several hours a week in the Temple.

I grew up attending church every week, actually several times a week.  In my day, Primary was on Wednesday, MIA on Thursday, and Mom went to Relief Society on Tuesday.  Of course back then, there were two meetings on Sunday, Sunday School in the morning, and Sacrament Meeting in the evening.

I was proud and very excited the day I married in the Temple.  I knew I had done the right thing and wanted to continue to be a good and faithful Mormon wife and hopefully someday very soon, mother.

I never doubted the teachings of the church.  Whatever the leaders said, I accepted and obeyed.  If they had said not to wear blue on Thursday, I would have complied without asking why. It never occurred to me to consider, on my own, if something was right or not, nor to question what I was told. I was proud of my submissiveness and felt the more I obeyed, the more I was pleasing God.

Today, I am no longer a member of the LDS church.  I submitted a letter of resignation in the spring of 2004.  My family all remain in the church.  My parents, siblings, children & grandchildren.  My sons, have served on missions,  and when they married, I had to wait outside in the Temple parking lot.

Why did I leave?  No, nobody said anything mean to hurt my feelings and make me leave.  I didn’t have an affair (or any other major sin) and get excommunicated.  I don’t ‘hate the church’ as I have been accused of many times, especially by my family.  The truth is that I have strong emotions about my Mormon heritage.  A finer, more hard-working, industrious group of people would be hard to find.  For the most part they live good honest lives with strong devotion to God, family and country.  I respect and embrace many aspects of their culture and doctrine.

Obviously much has taken place since my own 1975 Temple marriage and today.  But as I look back on my very full and blessed life, I have made many decisions, some good ones and some awful ones.  But no decision was greater or impacted my life more than the one to leave the LDS church.

This blog is about that decision.

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