How Twitter reminds me of The Book of Mormon.

I started twittering about 6 months ago and I really enjoy it.  Gives me a place to comment, vent or  just whine.  But whatever I am doing I only have 140 spaces to do it in.  So I have really learned to use my spaces carefully so I can get as much of my message  into a single tweet.  So how in the world does this have anything to do with the Book of Mormon?

When I read passages in the Book of Mormon, I think of when it was originally written by the author(s), and their choice of words.  Just like when I am twitting, they would need to choose words very carefully, for two reasons.  First, The Book of Mormon was not written originally on sheet of paper, or papyrus.  Was not written with the use of any ink.  Instead it was written by carving the words on thin sheets of gold.  Don’t know for sure what kinds of tools were used, but in 600BC, the family of Nephi (first writer) along with a few others had just came to the new world.  I’m sure they brought some tools with them but I don’t doubt that they were limited, and the process of carving was difficult.  Second, I don’t know if they brought the sheets of gold with them or they ‘manufactured’ them in the new land.  However, I would think that there would be a limited amount of these gold plates and great care would be used to get as much written on each sheet as possible. (Questions about how they got those gold plates…well thats another blog).

My point is that it had to be challenging to ‘write’ on gold plates.  If I had to ‘write’ in such a way, I think I would do the same as when I am twitting.  I would choose my words carefully, trying to use as few words as possible.

However, that is not what happened.  Pick up the Book of Mormon and read almost any page and you will quickly note the ‘wordiness’ of it. Many thoughts, passages are drawn out and often repeated.  Why?

Apparently others have noticed the same thing… in the book, The Golden Bible, or The Book of Mormon. Is It From God? by M.T. Lamb (1887, pp.44-47) He quotes 3 Nephi 21:2-7.   He says, “This sentence contains over 340 words.  The words “that” and “which” are repeated twenty times; the words “I”, “my” and “me”, eleven times; the word “Father”, eight times; “Gentiles,” five times; the expression, “shall come forth,” four times.  All this in one sentence.  A very remarkable sentence surely.”

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